When Pedals Bite Back

The Wacky World of Stompbox Memes
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Keith Hyde is one of the friends I made while covering Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp a few years back, and the man is a tireless meme-dissemination artist. Without warning, Keith will blow up my cell with these daft guitar memes. I think he’s just trying to toss a few giggles into my day, but I also dig the fact that sharing memes is like a gentle finger wag to keep musicians from taking themselves too seriously. So for this issue’s theme, I’ve chosen six memes—discovered through Tumblr, Fortin Amps, memebase, memegenerator, and quickmeme—that take aim at “pedal pomposity.” If you have your own faves, please share them with me at mmolenda@nbmedia.com.