What Was the First Album Led Zeppelin Recorded Together? (Hint: it Wasn't 'Led Zeppelin')

Everyone knows 'Led Zeppelin,' with its iconic cover and incredible songs, but do you know P.J. Proby’s 'Three Week Hero'?
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If you're reading this, you almost certainly know Led Zeppelin pretty darn well. 

There's the iconic cover, and songs like "Communication Breakdown," "Good Times Bad Times" and "Dazed and Confused," each of which - even if you don't count yourself a devotee - are likely permanently ingrained into your head. Did you know, however, that the legendary 1969 album wasn't actually the first that featured all four members of Led Zeppelin?

That distinction, as it turns out, belongs to P.J. Proby’s 1969 album, Three Week Hero.

When bassist John Paul Jones, then (like guitarist Jimmy Page) a successful session musician, got the call to work on Proby's upcoming album, he invited Page and the rest of his bandmates from the "New Yardbirds" to come along as well.  

“I was committed to doing all the arrangements for the album," Jones told Dangerous Minds in 2013. "As we were talking about rehearsing at the time, I thought it would be a handy source of income. I had to book a band anyway, so I thought I’d book everybody I knew.” 

“The boys told me they were going over to play in San Francisco and all that, and I said, ‘Look, from what I’ve heard and the way you boys played tonight, not only are you not going to be my backing band, I’m going to say goodbye right now, because I don’t think I’m ever going to see you again,'" Proby told Led Zeppelin fansite Finding Zoso.

"'That’s how successful you’re going to be. You’re exactly what they want, you play all that psychedelic stuff and everything.' I said, ‘You’re going to go over there and go down so great I don’t think you’re ever going to come home.’ They didn’t ever come back until they changed their name to Led Zeppelin and stayed over there and came back huge huge stars. … I said goodbye that day when I cut that album, and I haven’t seen one of them since.”

You can check out a couple tracks from the album above and below.