Watch This Incredible Acoustic Fingerstyle Cover of Guns N’ Roses’ "Sweet Child O’ Mine"

Indonesian Youtuber Alip_Ba_Ta has loosened guitardom's collective jaw with his extraordinary cover of the classic ballad.
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We've seen plenty of impressive YouTube covers in our day, but this one has immediately set itself apart as an all-time great.

Last week, Indonesian Youtuber Alip_Ba_Ta posted his unbelievable acoustic cover of the classic Guns N' Roses ballad, "Sweet Child O' Mine." In just nine days, the video has garnered over a million views. Check it out for yourself above, and you'll quickly see why.

Cort acoustic in hand, the guitarist - who, according to Classic Rock, is a forklift driver by day - executes a jaw-dropping arrangement of the tune, not only covering all five parts, but making it look fairly easy in the process as well.

After watching this, we definitely feel like updating our own practice regimens!

For more of Alip_Ba_Ta's amazing videos, check out his YouTube channel.