Watch Lemmy and Hawkwind Perform "Silver Machine" in 1972

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Photo: Ian Dickson/Getty Images

As Lemmy Remembrance Day continues (he died one year ago today), we drop in on the late bassist's pre-Motorhead band, Hawkwind, playing one of their most popular songs, "Silver Machine."

The song turned out to be a Number 3 U.K. hit single for the space-rock band in 1972.

The recording, which features Lemmy Kilmister on lead vocals and bass, also features Dave Brock on guitar and Simon King on drums. The woman in the video is a dancer named Stacia (Stacia Blake).

According to a 1974 Penthouse interview, Stacia (who started to be associated with the band in 1971) regularly augmented her visual impact by performing topless or nude with Hawkwind, her body decorated in iridescent or luminescent paint.

Um, anyway, Hawkwind was Lemmy's most successful pre-Motorhead band. He also was a member of the Rockin' Vicars (1965), Sam Gopal (1968) and Opal Butterfly (1969), among others.