Watch Keith Richards Talk About His Guitar Influences in New Doc Trailer | VIDEO

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Keith Richards is the subject of a new Netflix documentary, Keith Richards: Under the Influence, and you can see the trailer for it below.

“I know who I am,” Richards says in the clip. “But I realize that people think Keith Richards is smoking a joint, bottle in his hand, cursing the fact that the liquor store’s closed.”

The real “influence” the film seeks to reveal is the musical one that has shaped Richards into one of the great practitioners of the electric guitar. Among those sources he cites are Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters and, of course, Chuck Berry. “Not a lot of guys want to play like Chuck Berry because it’s like taking on the devil,” Richards says. “I’ll take it on.”

Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville, Under the Influence follows Richards as he makes his first solo album in 23 years, Crosseyed Heart. Both the movie and album come out on September 18.