Watch A Guitarist Play the "We Will Rock You" Solo on His Balcony During Coronavirus Lockdown

Marco G. Di Marco - Red Special in hand - absolutely nails May's tone.
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The coronavirus pandemic has hit the entire world incredibly hard, but Italy has been dealt an especially bad hand.

Italy has been in complete lockdown since Monday, March 9 due to the virus, which has killed well over 2,000 people in the country to date.

These dire circumstances, however, have not stopped the country's quarantined musicians from trying to entertain their neighbors from their balconies. Take guitarist Marco G. Di Marco, for instance.

In the video above, the guitarist - who posts under the Brian May Tribute YouTube handle - serenades his neighbors with Brian May's solo from Queen's "We Will Rock You." 

Using a Red Special and Vox MV50 AC mini-amp, Marco absolutely nails May's tone, eliciting a round of applause from his audience. 

For more of Marco's videos, stop by his YouTube channel.