Warbeast Guitarist Suffers Gruesome Freak Finger Accident | Caution: GRAPHIC

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Guitarists, brace yourself. This is grisly. The stuff of your worst nightmares.

Drew Shoup, guitarist for the metal band Warbeast, was recently washing out his blender’s blade array when he suffered an accident that did significant damage to his fingers.

While Shoup was handling the blade, his cat made a failed attempt to jump on top of the guitarist’s refrigerator. The pet fell down and landed on top of Shoup’s hand, forcing it onto the blade and slicing two of his fingers to the bone.

As you can see in the graphic photo below, Shoup suffered some significant cuts to his fingers, resulting in the severing of three tendons and many nerves. At present he has no feeling or movement in his index finger.

The guitarist is scheduled for surgery, followed by therapy. And we’re glad to report that he’s expected to make a full recovery within six to eight weeks. Until Shoup has recovered, his co-guitarist, Scot Shelby, will take over his parts. 

And remember: Keep your cats off the counter. 

All of us at Guitar Player wish Shoup a fast and full recovery.