Up-and-Coming Guitarist Ben Eunson Premieres New Album, 'ACE'

Stream the eclectic, immersive instrumental solo debut from this innovative young guitarist.
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Australia-born, New York City-based guitarist Ben Eunson might only be 29, but he's already had the career of a seasoned veteran.

Having played with John Legend, Queen Latifah and—for his "Controlled Danger" concert in New York City—Dave Chapelle, Eunson has spent his career absorbing a wide variety of musical styles, all of which permeate his eclectic, immersive debut solo album, ACE.

Today, we've teamed up with Eunson to premiere ACE in its entirety. You can stream the full album below.

"My debut album, ACE, is a reflection of the many musical journeys I’ve been on so far— from playing in the jazz and rock clubs of Lower Manhattan, to working in the studios of NYC, as well as playing with a wide variety of artists including John Legend, Queen Latifah and Terri Lyne Carrington," Eunson told Guitar Player

"The idea for the album was initially born from jam sessions at my Brooklyn apartment with bassist Alexander Claffy and drummer Kush Abadey. After we toured as a trio throughout the East Coast during the summer of 2017, I decided it was time for us to record. After one year of recording sessions produced by myself and Michael Perez-Cisneros, the final result was ACE, the improvisational rock-influenced meeting of Abadey, Claffy and myself."

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