Tommy Emmanuel Premieres New "Fuel" Music Video

"Fuel" is one of five new tracks on Emmanuel's forthcoming career retrospective, 'Best of Tommysongs.' Be the first to see its music video.
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Guitar Player is proud to present the exclusive premiere of Tommy Emmanuel’s new music video for “Fuel.” The song is one of five new tracks included on Best of Tommysongs, his newly recorded 24-track career retrospective.

For Best of Tommysongs, Emmanuel has re-recorded some of his most popular acoustic original songs to reflect how he performs them today. Many of these tunes have evolved significantly through repeated playing over the years, and sound much different from their original recordings.

In addition, Best of Tommysongs offers five brand-new songs written by Emmanuel, including “Fuel,” the first track and video to be released from the album. The song came to life while he was on tour in Europe.

“I boarded a train in Paris, France, to ride the rails to Cologne, Germany,” Emmanuel told GP. “Looking out the window, I saw a billboard for Harry Potter World [the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando], and that set me in motion. I got my guitar out and started looking for cinematic chords and ideas.

“Three hours later, I had the entire song written and was practicing it up. I had no title at that stage, and when I played it for a friend, he asked, ‘What’s fueling this emotion?’ Immediately I reacted, ‘You just gave me the title: “Fuel”!’

“Even though there are time changes and odd bars in the song, you can actually tap time straight through it. In my own way, this is a small attempt at paying homage to Mason Williams, the brilliant composer of ‘Classical Gas.’ ”

You can check out the trailer for Best of Tommysongs - which is set to arrive on May 8 - below. 

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Tommy Emmanuel - Best of Tommysongs:

1. Song for A Rainy Morning**
2. Angelina
3. Halfway Home
4. Fuel**
5. The Wide Ocean**
6. It’s Never Too Late
7. (The Man With The) Green Thumb
8. The Mystery
9. Timberland**
10. Timberlake Road
11. Sail On**
12. Blood Brother
13. Endless Road
14. Luttrell
15. Ruby’s Eyes
16 Lewis & Clark
17. Train to Dusseldorf
18. Mombasa
19. Cowboy’s Dream
20. Rachel’s Lullaby
21. Questions
22. Those Who Wait
23. Drivetime
24. Stay Close To Me

**New Songs