The Marcus King Band Premiere New "Goodbye Carolina" Music Video

Shot in Nashville, it's the band's first-ever music video.
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The Marcus King Band have premiered their new "Goodbye Carolina" music video. You can check it out above.

Directed by Tess Lafia and shot in Nashville, it's the band's first ever official music video. 

"With all my material, I like the listener to draw their own conclusion as to the meaning of the lyrics; I want the song to be what it means to you," King said. “That being said, ‘Goodbye Carolina’ came to me in a daydream, an apparition of a dear songwriter friend we had lost only a year prior. I wrote from his perspective, and often feel the song was written through me. The lyrics simultaneously describe my need to break out and escape bad memories, loss, and pain associated with my hometown, using the state as a personification of things I decided to leave behind.”

Back in October, King spoke to Guitar Player about Carolina Confessions, and how it came to be.

"This record has been a lot different from past records I’ve done. I had a lot of material that I’d been writing on the road in hotel rooms and green rooms, in the bus or wherever. I got in the studio with my band and our producer, Dave Cobb, and we sat on the couch in the lounge area at two o’ clock in the afternoon, every day, and built the songs from the ground up. We had a process going where we would start and finish a tune in one day. Sometimes it would be multiple songs, and sometimes we would go back with other ideas for overdubs. But for the most part we would cut each tune live after working it out on the couch."

You can read our full interview with King right here.