The Edge: Five Acts of Legend

U2's six-string specialist goes under the microscope in this edition of "Five Acts of Legend."
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> He shredded the rulebook. Early on, he asked himself, “What can I do with this instrument that no one else has done before?” And then he re-engineered the sound of a guitar.

> He elevated the deployment of delay to a science, an art form, and a magic kingdom.

> Under his direction, gargantuan, drool-worthy, and enormously powerful pedalboards have been constructed to bend, twist, morph, slaughter, and beautify his guitar tone.

> He made his bones with a 1976 Gibson Explorer Limited Edition—purchased during a 1978 family vacation to New York City for $248.40—when practically no one else was playing that model any more.

> He never stops exploring. “The guitar stands for freedom,” he said in 2001, “and I’m constantly trying to find uncharted territories via sounds and tones that inspire new feelings, and stop me from being too staid.” Word.