Take a Look at Joe Bonamassa's One-of-a-Kind Lucite Fender Twin-Amp

The blues guitar maestro gave this unique Fender amp a "glowing" review.
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If you're a regular GP reader, you're probably all too aware of blues guitar maestro Joe Bonamassa's wide-ranging taste in all things gear. 

Famous for his unbelievable guitar collection (and for showing that collection off onstage), his choice of guitars (and amps) have become an endless source of fascination in the guitar community. However, we can't say that we've ever seen him play anything quite like this.

Yesterday, Bonamassa revealed the latest gem in his collection, a special, one-off Fender '59 Twin-Amp JB Edition with a transparent, Lucite enclosure.

Bonamassa teamed up with Fender to create the '59 Twin-Amp JB Edition amp last year. A reissue of Fender's “high-powered" ‘59 tweed Twin-Amp, it features three 12AX7 preamp tubes and a quartet of 6L6 output tubes, a hand-wired eyelet board and Fender vintage-style “yellow” paper-foil-resin tone capacitors.

The Lucite version also prominently displays the amp's two 12” Celestion JB-85 speakers.

You can check out Bonamassa's demo of the amp (which he gave a "glowing" review) in the video below.