Steve Vai’s Stolen “Bo” Ibanez JEM Makes Mysterious Reappearance


Steve Vai’s one-of-a-kind “Bo” Ibanez JEM has been returned to the guitarist safe and sound—and anonymously.

The mirror-finish guitar, which was stolen on December 12 at a benefit show for guitarist Tony MacAlpine, was discovered on Vai’s property.

The guitarist announced the good news on Facebook on December 18 along with a photo of him with the guitar (shown right):

“Great news everyone: Bo, Steve’s mirrored JEM that went missing this past weekend, has been found left in the bushes at the gate on Steve’s property. We do not have any more details on how it got there and will perhaps forever remain a mystery. The entire Vai camp is grateful for all the amazing outpouring of support we have seen regarding this issue over the last week. Bo is now ready for 2016 and all the notes she will once again be singing from Steve’s fingers and soul.”

Vai had finished performing an all-star benefit show for MacAlpine on December 12 when the guitar was stolen. The guitarist announced the theft on his Facebook page and provided photos and identifying information about the guitar.

“It’s a mirror Ibanez JEM with blue LED’s, a Sustainer system, and a red laser built into the headstock/neck,” according to the post. “The forearm contour is also cracked/distressed a bit. Attached is a picture. If you hear something or think you’ve seen it, please message this page.”

The video below shows Vai performing his Passion and Warfare track “For the Love of God” at the MacAlpine tribute concert.