Steve Vai's Ibanez JEM Stolen at Tony MacAlpine Benefit

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Steve Vai’s guitar Bo was stolen on December 12 at a loading area outside of the Wiltern Theater in L.A. following his performance at the Tony MacAlpine benefit concert. The news was posted to Vai’s Facebook page and included photos and descriptions of the guitar.

“It’s a mirror Ibanez JEM with blue LED’s, a Sustainer system, and a red laser built into the headstock/neck,” according to the post. “The forearm contour is also cracked/distressed a bit. Attached is a picture. If you hear something or think you’ve seen it, please message this page.”

The page was updated to include the guitar’s serial number, #F0006311

According to the detailed description of the guitar:

• Bo has blue LED fret dots and a red laser in the headstock tip. They are turned on by an on/off switch and powered by battery.
• Bo has deep scratches on the armrest area, and the mirrored surface shows wear.
• Bo is equipped with a Fernandes Sustainer FSK-401 system, with an extra sustainer control knob and sustainer control switches.
• The mirror pickguard has been cracked noticeably around the volume knob.
• The guitar is a LACS model with an Ibanez Lo Pro Edge tremolo- all production BRMR Jems had the Edge Pro tremolo.
• Bo’s neck was broken in 2013 behind the nut, and was repaired by Ibanez. The neck is super thin with a “skunk stripe” walnut strip, while all production BRMR Jem necks were of a 5 piece design.
• The guitar has a piece of green Gaff tape on the side of the left arm rest with its name “Bo” written on it in marker.
• Bo has a prototype Ibanez UTA whammy bar made of aluminum.
• The pickups have black gaff tape on them to keep the strings from getting caught.

• Bo is equipped with an Ibanez Backstop device, located in the tremolo cavity of the guitar.