Vai's first music theory book contains, in his words, "The basics of music theory that can aid the student to be musically literate, and perhaps much more.”

Steve Vai has announced Vaideology, his first music theory book.

In Vaideology, Vai dives deep into the basics of music theory, in the hope of helping players better understand the language of music and become more musically literate. The book features in-depth discussions of music theory fundamentals, practical exercises, diagrams, tips and practice methods. The topics covered include: Academic vs. Experiential Learning; Notes on the Neck; Music Notation; Reading & Writing Music; Scales; Intervals; Key Signatures; Circle of 5ths; Chords and Chord Scales; Rhythm Basics; Time Signatures; Guitar Harmonics; Modes and more.

In a press release, Vai said: “One of the questions that I’m usually asked by aspiring guitar players is, 'How much music theory do I really need to know, and is it necessary?' My answer is usually, 'You don’t need to understand music theory at all to be an effective player, but it will always help to at least understand the basics.' So, I wrote a book that I believe contains the basics of music theory that can aid the student to be musically literate, and perhaps much more.” 

An excerpt from Vaideology can be read below:

Since as far back as I can remember remembering, I always had a deep fascination with the written language of music. "On paper, it looked like beautiful art to me. It felt like a warm, safe place (a bizarre analogy, I know). It was this mysterious language that I instinctively knew could unlock my musical expressions. To be able to write a composition for a large group of people by starting with a blank piece of score paper, with its infinite possibilities for inventiveness, was absolutely spellbinding to me. I always had an intense desire to understand it fully and master it completely. Although I’m still a work in progress—because the evolution of music theory is infinite—I so much enjoy being able to use what I do know, and I still continue to study it.

Vaideology: Basic Music Theory for Guitar Players will be available for $24.99 at local music stores,, or

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