See Mike Bloomfield’s ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ Tele on the Bench | VIDEO


The Fender Telecaster shown and explored in this video has some powerful history. It was Mike Bloomfield’s guitar that he used in the early days of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and during his 1965 work with Bob Dylan.

Most notably, Bloomfield used the Telecaster during the making of Dylan’s 1965 masterpiece, Highway 61 Revisited, which includes “Like a Rolling Stone.” Bloomfield also played this Tele during Dylan’s performance at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival on July 25 (see left), when the group was booed for performing electric. He subsequently used it on the first Paul Butterfield Blues Band album, also from 1965, which includes their version of “Got My Mojo Working,” first popularized by Muddy Waters.

In the video here, esteemed guitar repairman and builder Dan Erlewine takes us through the guitar’s history and disassembles the instrument, taking off the neck and opening up the control cavity to check the electronics.

As Erlewine explains, he first saw Bloomfield play this Tele in 1963 when Erlewine and his band, the Spiders, watched "the Mike Bloomfield R&B Band" perform at the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor. “We don’t anything about him or who he was,” Erlewine says. “And then I didn’t think too much about him again until the Bob Dylan album came out, Highway 61 Revisited. And everyone I knew went to school on the guitar solos and the leads and the backup on those songs.”

As you can see, the guitar’s body has been chopped. Dan explains this and many other interesting features on the guitar in this excellent and informative video.