See David Gilmour Discuss His New Single “Today” in Making-Of Video


David Gilmour has just shared this new making-of video for “Today,” the second single off his new solo album, Rattle That Lock. In the video, he explains how the track came about through a collaboration with Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, who co-produced the album with Gilmour.

As Gilmour explains, Manzanera constructed the song from bits of music Gilmour had abandoned. Manzanera spent much of his time listening through Gilmour’s work tapes to find snippets that the guitarist might have overlooked, then discussed ways that they might be turned into completed songs.

“‘Today’ was one of the ones that Phil put together of two or three pieces of music of mine that I had sort of ignored,” Gilmour explains. “He’s very good at finding them and saying, ‘That’s great. You should use it. How about using it with that piece and that piece?’ So he mocked that one up. It's a gift.”

Gilmour also discusses working with backup singers on the track. “Today,” like the album debut single “Rattle That Lock,” features backup vocalists Mica Paris and Louise Marshall. He notes that both he and Pink Floyd “have used backing singers going back to Dark Side of the Moon, where they were liberally plastered over a lot of it. And it’s something I've really enjoyed.”

Rattle That Lock comes out September 18 and can be pre-ordered through Gilmour’s web site. The guitarist will launch a brief North American tour in support of the album on March 24, 2016 at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Bowl. He will also present his first-ever South American tour in December.

Gilmour has previously debuted the official video for “Rattle That Lock” and a preview video for the album track “5 A.M.”