Santana Plays Giants to Game Four Series Win

Watch Carlos Santana play the National Anthem at SF's AT&T Park.
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While not technically a native, Carlos Santana, is surely one of San Francisco's most beloved hometown guitar heroes, so it was no surprise that the San Francisco Giants would ask him to play the National Anthem to kick off Game 4 of the World Series against the Royals at AT&T Park.

The ten-time Grammy winner accepted and was joined by another Grammy winner and lifelong Giants fan, his son, Salvador, on keyboard.

If you believe in omens, a guy whose signature PRS guitar happens to be the team's colors is a good one. The Giants went on to handily beat the Kansas City Royals 11-4.

The video we're posting is Major League Baseball's "official" release, but it should be noted that they weren't the first to get the Santana family's performance posted. That honor goes to another San Francisco guitarist and enthusiastic Carlos Santana fan, Neal Schon of Journey. With a very steady hand, Schon appears to have held his smartphone up to his TV to capture the performance and had it posted on his FB fan page before the duo were even off the field.

Watch it here...