Hear Jason Becker's Unreleased 1990 Demo for "Sliding Away"

Jason Becker has recently posted a demo from 1990, the phase-shifter/slide guitar powerhouse "Sliding Away."
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Jason Becker has recently released a demo from 1990, the phase-shifter/slide-guitar powerhouse “Sliding Away.”

Around the time of this demo, Becker was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which has left him unable to move or speak. He continues to communicate using an eye system developed by his father and composes with the aid of a computer.

Jason recently made the decision to issue this and other unreleased demos. He says of “Sliding Away,” “This was my first attempt at slide guitar. ALS had really gotten into my hands and arms, so they kept falling off the guitar. It was meant to be a vocal tune. David Lee Roth was touring at the time without me, which was totally fine with me. People felt sad for me, but I was happy because I could still do music.”