Paul Stanley Introduces 12-Year-Old as "the Next Kiss Drummer"

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Paul Stanley introduced “the next Kiss drummer” at an impromptu show last Friday, January 29, and it was a surprise for everyone in attendance.

The group was performing at a meet-and-greet acoustic set in Durant, Oklahoma, when Stanley brought up 12-year-old Logan Gladden. The young drummer took the drum stool from Eric Singer and proceeded to become the next Kiss drummer, if only for a few minutes, by handling the kit for a performance of “Nothin’ to Lose” off the band’s 1974 debut album.

What’s more, Logan even sang.

“I’ve been playing drums and listening to classic rock music all my life,” he told Team Rock. “My parents put videos of me on YouTube when I was small and Eric saw them and invited me to meet him when I was three and he was with Alice Cooper. That day I played his drums during soundcheck and still remember it.

“Since then, Eric has helped me so much by giving me advice and introducing me to people and by following and supporting me and just being a cool friend.”

Given his previous experience, Logan is something of an old hand at this sort of thing, even if he is still a kid. He certainly played it cool during the performance.

“I remember thinking a few times that this will probably be the only chance I will ever have to play with Kiss,” he said after the song, “so I tried to relax and just have fun.”

Afterward, bassist Gene Simmons called him back up and handed Logan some cash. “His first paid gig!” Simmons announced.

Money, though, wasn’t the highlight for him.

“My favorite part was seeing Paul smiling and looking at me and hitting the changes with me,” he said. “And then hearing their voices backing me up on vocals was amazing to think that I was singing with them on stage. I just kept thinking that, even if it was for only a few minutes, I was actually playing with Kiss!”