Paul Gilbert Premieres New "I Own A Building" Music Video

Gilbert's latest album, 'Behold Electric Guitar,' was released last month.
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Last month, Paul Gilbert released his latest album, Behold Electric Guitar. Now, the six-string extraordinaire has released the music video for one of the album's standout tracks, "I Own A Building." You can check it out above. 

Behold Electric Guitar features Brian Foxworth on drums, Asher Fulero on keyboards and New Orleans legend Roland Guerin on bass. Due to his expertise in "one mic" recording, and his stellar track record with artists like Joe Satriani, Gilbert chose John Cuniberti to produce the album.

"It's so easy to make albums with overdubbing and editing these days, but I really prefer playing live and just getting the music to sound right because the musicians, the songs and the performances are good," Gilbert said.

"There is not one overdub on the record," he continued. "Everything you hear is four guys jamming, listening to each other and making room for each other. The music almost mixes itself that way! And it's just a great mindset to have. When you know that you won't be fixing or adding parts later, it keeps your mind very active to get things right."

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