Metallica Pokes Fun at Itself at Glastonbury

They weren't wanted at Glastonbury, but they responded with a humor and a no-holds-barred set.

It's no secret that many Glastonbury Festival goers weren't excited to hear Metallica would be headlining their fabled festival this year, believing metal would be "a bit abrasive."

According to The Independent, Arctic Monkeys frontperson Alex James questioned whether Metallica should be welcome in the “hippy nucleus,” and Mogwai instrumentalist Barry Burns said the band were, “Unbelievably bad.”

With millions of album sales, millions of dollars in revenue, millions of fans, and hundreds (thousands?) of sold-out concerts to its credit, the band had nothing to prove, and responded with humor (and humour.)

Metallica's Glastonbury merch table included "Glastallica" t-shirts featuring some of the public outcry, including gems like “Metallica, they’re just shite,” “Metallica aren’t in the spirit of peace-loving Glastonbury,” and “Metallica at Glastonbury—Whoopee f**king doo" on the back of the shirts, and the Metallica skull wearing a pair of wellies (necessary for the notoriously muddy festival) and a '70s peace-sign necklace above the words “Peace, Love & Metal" on the front.

Never ones to miss an opportunity, the t-shirt is also available on Metallica's online store for fans on the other six continents. Click here to order yours. 

We've heard that the first metal band to ever headline Glastonbury sucked the crowd in with an eight minute version of "Master of Puppets," and had them (mostly) converted by the final strains of "Seek and Destroy," fulfilling their promise to bring metal to Worthy Farm.