Martin Barre Talks About the Making of “Aqualung” | VIDEO

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In this “Martin Barre Masterclass” video from Classic Rock Magazine, the longtime Jethro Tull axman discusses the making of the group’s breakthrough 1971 album, Aqualung.

Barre notes that, although Aqualung would establish Jethro Tull as one of the most successful prog-rock acts of the era and launch them in America, no one in the group had high expectations for the record.

“It was a very troubled album,” Barre says. “We didn’t think it was going to be a good album because of all the stress that was going on. There was equipment failures, and then we were having quite a lot of problems getting really good takes of all the music.

“But it just came out that way. Nobody really realized what it was going to do for us, certainly in America.”

Barre also talks about recording the solo for the song, and how he got a surprise guest while he was in the middle of recording his first take. Give the video a watch to find out who it was.

We’ve also included a video of Jethro Tull performing “Aqualung” live in 1978—a classic performance.

You can watch more videos from Classic Rock Magazine by visiting their YouTube channel.