Kirk Hammett Reacts to 11 Fan Videos of Metallica Covers

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Kirk Hammett recently sat down with music program host Luisito Rey to view a selection of Metallica covers on video.

Among the clips he watched are Rob Scallon’s banjo-driven cover of “Master of Puppets” and a cover of “Nothing Else Matters” sung and performed on acoustic guitar by a young boy. Hammett, who was asked to rate performers on a scale from one to five, gave both a five.

We’ve shared videos here before by Scallon, whose known for his quirky revisions of classic songs played on banjo, ukulele, shovel guitars and more. Regarding Scallon’s video, shown at 1:40, Hammett says, “It’s amazing that, first, they would take the time to learn the song. And I think they probably had to learn it on guitar. And then they’d have to take the banjo and transcribe it for banjo. And so I have to give them credit, because they put a lot of work and effort into it. And, you know what? They’re playing it right, so I just have to just give it a five.”

As for the young boy, shown at 3:30, Hammett is clearly blown away by his performance. “Wow! And he’s playing the guitar, and he’s playing it well. And singing well. That’s a kid to watch out for.”

Take a look.