King Crimson: Ready to Drop a New Studio Album?


Things have been heating up in the long-dormant King Crimson camp. First, the group launched last year's comeback tour in the U.S., during which they recorded Live at the Orpheum, released earlier this month. Then, this past November, leader Robert Fripp confirmed that the group is working on three new studio tracks.

Now King Crimson bassist Tony Levin says more music and a new studio album could be in the band's future.

"It seems like every year we're going to do something," says Levin, who's been in and out of the group since 1981. "It's on the table, the possibility that we'll come up with some new music—and maybe, eventually, a new album." 

While far from conclusive, the statement suggests that things remain rosy in Crimson's world. In addition to Fripp and Levin, the band includes guitarist/singer Jakko Jakszyk, longtime Crimson saxophonist Mel Collins, and three drummers: Pat Mastelotto, Gavin Harrison and Bill Rieflin.

Fripp has referred to the lineup as the first that he's enjoyed taking on the road.

"It's the first Crimson where I don't sense any animosity or resentment from at least one member," he told Team Rock last November. "This is a group from the get-go; the money is divided equally."

For now, the band's next move appears to be a tour of England. Stay tuned.