John 5 Releases New Video for “Making Monsters”

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In the opening of John 5 and the Creatures’ new video, “Making Monsters,” which premieres today, a kid walks into a creepy garage and begins building a creepy toy model of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

It soon comes to life.

So, too, do models of other monsters, as well as models of John 5 and his bandmates—the latter of whom provide the video’s hard-rocking instrumental soundtrack.

With its stop-motion sequences (directed by Coffin Cases founder Jonny Coffin) and live-action sequences (directed by Matt Zane), “Making Monsters” is more a short film than it is a mere music video, and it pays homage to stop-motion film pioneer Merion C. Cooper, who directed the original King Kong film in 1933.

A man of many Telecasters—apparently owning at least one for every year the iconic Fender model has been manufactured—Mr. 5 delivers the “Making Monsters” guitar parts on his go-to signature model Tele (“My gold one,” he says).

Overdriven, hybrid-picked fretboard flurries that seem to have a bluegrass banjo-roll influence power the song’s first break.

“I like to mix things up,” says 5. “I think throwing that sort of stuff into a hard rock piece keeps things interesting. We recorded the whole song live in one complete take, pretty much,” says 5. “Then, I doubled parts in a few spots to fatten things up a little bit. But I don’t like to do to many overdubs. A guitar song sounds clearer without them.”

The wild feedback scream starting at 2:07 was created when 5 went crazy with the repeat rate and intensity knobs on his old Boss Analog Delay pedal. “I wasn’t trying to get a guitar sound, so much,” says 5, “but, rather, a mad scientist sound.”

John 5 and the Creatures’ American tour starts March 4, hitting the East Coast and Midwest, as well as few southern states. Then, starting April 4, Mr. 5 hits the road with Rob Zombie. For complete tour dates, visit