Joe Satriani Previews New Album Track ’San Francisco Blue’ | VIDEO

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Joe Satriani has just released this brief preview of “San Francisco Blue,” a track off his forthcoming album, Shockwave Supernova.

In the video, Satch explains the song’s roots, noting that he started writing it while in San Francisco on a break from the tour for his 2013 album, Unstoppable Momentum.

“I’m at home, I’m sick. I can’t do much but sit around with my guitar,” he explains. “And I find myself in one of those blue moods. I just happened to be in my son’s old music room, which he painted blue when he was in high school.”

The song, Joe says, “just sort of came out of me, and I played this super-melodic shuffle kind of thing. So I just called it ‘San Francisco Blue.’ ”

Satch also tells how the song played a role in a running joke between him and his drummer, Marco Minnemann. “He would always get asked to jam with people, and inevitably they would ask him to do a shuffle,” Joe explains, “and he would get stuck playing a shuffle while people soloed endlessly.”

Satriani had previously released a video for the album track “On Peregrine Wings,” which you can hear at this link.

Shockwave Supernova comes out July 24 and is available for preorder. The video where Joe discusses “San Francisco Blue” is followed by a video in which he talks about the concept behind Shockwave Supernova.