Joe Perry Pushes Back Again on Steven Tyler’s Talk of Aerosmith Farewell

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PHOTO: Matt Kent | Getty Images

Joe Perry is once again denying Steven Tyler’s assertion that Aerosmith are planning to end their long-running career.

In a new interview with our sister publication Guitar World, Perry says there are no firm plans for the group to call it a day. Tyler said last week the group would launch their farewell tour, though he noted that it would probably last for several years. The singer said Perry was onboard with the arrangement.

But Perry tells Guitar World, “It’s one of many things we’ve talked about as a band, but I don’t know it it’s the end. We take it from album to tour and day to day. It’s the same philosophy we’ve always had.

“But even if that final tour comes about, it could go on for two years. There are still a lot of places we haven’t played yet that we want to play.

“More to follow; let's just put it that way.”

Tyler, who is currently enjoying success with his solo career, first suggested the possibility of a farewell tour last April, telling Rolling Stone the band may hang it up in 2017.

“I’m doing 30 shows from May until August,” he told the magazine. “And then in 2017 we go out with Aerosmith. We’re probably doing a farewell tour.”

Perry clarified Tyler’s remarks in an interview with Rolling Stone shortly afterward.

“A farewell tour is something we’ve talked about doing for years, let’s say roughly in the last five years,” the guitarist said. “It’s just something the band’s talked about at various times. At this point, the five of us have never sat down and said, ‘It’s time to do it.’ So ‘considering’ is an appropriate word for that statement. A farewell tour is definitely not confirmed.”

In his Guitar World interview, Perry also shared his thoughts about Tyler’s new country solo album, We’re All Somebody from Somewhere. “I’m really happy he did it because he’s been talking about it for years,” he said. “It’s given us a chance to take a break and has worked out well for everyone that he’s finally getting to do it. I know he’s doing some gigs and going on the road after he releases the record, but the main thing is he’s having fun doing it. That’s why you do a solo record—to explore new music and work with different musicians. As long as he’s doing what he wants, that’s what counts.”

Perry is currently heading out on tour with Hollywood Vampires, his project with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp, and he is planning a solo album of his own.

“I’ve been doing a lot of writing and recording,” he says. “Originally, it was just going to be instrumental, but since I had so many tracks someone suggested I have a couple of vocalists come in that I never have a chance to work with. I’m not sure when it will come out, but I did release a single recently online with [English guitarist and singer] Terry Reid called ‘I’ll Do Happiness,’ to give people a taste of what’s going on. People are really going to be surprised to hear some of this new stuff. It’s a whole different kind of energy than some of the other solo records I’ve done.”

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