Joe Bonamassa Shows His Favorite Rare Touring Guitars and Monstrous Guitar Vault


In the video below, Joe Bonamassa opens up his road vault and shows some of his favorite touring guitars, including a 1959 Les Paul and his one-and-only eBay purchase, a 1972 Gibson ES-355. About the only thing more impressive is the vault itself, which houses a staggering 17 guitars.

This clip is from 2011, so it’s a little old. We know Bonamassa has picked up several more guitars since then, but it’s still fun to see some of the excellent axes in his collection.

In the video, Joe shares some of the stories behind the guitars and explains why he takes such rare and valuable instruments on the road with him.

“The important thing is, truth be told, I play it. I take it on the road and play it,” he says of his 1959 Les Paul. “I’m not a big believer in glass-case guitars.”