Joe Bonamassa Releases Video for New Track “Mountain Climbing”

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Joe Bonamassa has released the official music video for “Mountain Climbing,” a track from his brand-new studio album, Blues of Desperation, which was released last week.

Blues of Desperation is the blues-rocker’s 12th solo studio album and reveals his evolution as a player.

“I just turned 38 years old and have been making solo records for 15 years,” Bonamassa says, “and decided that I can’t just keep using the same playbook. I have to challenge myself and start a new book.

To push him in new areas of discovery, Bonamassa recorded without his Marshall amps for the first time. “I used all tweed Fender amps and forced myself to get the same sounds that I’ve always heard and always delivered, through other means,” he says. “I plugged, basically, straight into the amps and used these”—he holds up his hands—“and different tools to get different sounds.”

Bonamassa begins his U.S. spring tour on April 23 and and has just announced he’ll play a five-date U.K. tour in July that pays tribute to the Sixties British blues boom. He describes the shows as a “homage to the music of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.”

“If it wasn’t for certain British musicians, the blues may never have exploded into rock music as we know it today,” he says, “and indeed, may have passed into history.”