Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Metallica Play “Train Kept A-Rollin’” in 2009 | VIDEO


Let’s take a trip back to April 2009, and one very special night at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The honorees for that evening’s awards celebration were Jeff Beck and Metallica, but it was the presence of several other guitar luminaries that made the night especially memorable.

Among the players who joined Beck and Metallica were Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Ronnie Wood, Flea and former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. Together, the assembled musicians played “Train Kept A-Rollin’,” making for a jam-packed all-star performance.

Written by Lois Mann and R&B musician Tiny Bradshaw (who cut it first as a jump-blues track in 1951), “Train Kept A-Rollin’” has a special significance for Beck, Page and Perry. Beck recorded it with the Yardbirds in 1965, Page took on the song when he replaced Beck in the group in 1966, and Perry covered it with Aerosmith in 1974. (You can read the story about who played the guitar solos in Aerosmith’s version right here.)

For that matter, both Beck and Page can be seen performing the song, with new lyrics and retitled “Stroll On,” in a scene from the 1966 film Blowup, included below.