Jason Becker: “10 Albums That Changed My Life”

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Guitar hero Jason Becker recently told Classic Rock about 10 albums that changed his life, and as you might imagine given his stylistic diversity, Jason’s selections cover a range of performers and genres.

We’ve highlighted five of his picks below, with a few words from his much longer annotations. Be sure to get the full list and Jason’s comments over at TeamRock.com.

In related news, Jason recently announced that he plans to record an album featuring new original compositions and performances by many notable guest performers, including Guthrie Govan, Joe Satriani, Chris Broderick, Steve Morse and many others. The album will be crowdfunded through an IndieGoGo campaign that offers supporters such perks as an album credit and exclusive merchandise, including shirts and posters. You can participate here.

The Last Waltz—The Band
“When my folks took me to see this movie in ’78, I only knew about Dylan. It was fun discovering a bunch more great songwriters, but at the time I kept asking my mom where Dylan was. I finally shut up when Eric Clapton and Robbie Robertson traded blues solos on ‘Further On up the Road.’ ”

Stravinsky Conducts Le Sacre Du Printemps (The Rite of Spring)—Igor Stravinsky
“My love of ‘odd’ music started with Stravinsky. Even when composing today, I often find myself searching for a phrase or chord change that is unexpected yet satisfyingly beautiful.”

Blow by Blow—Jeff Beck
“Jeff’s other albums like Wired, Live with Jan Hammer, There and Back and Guitar Shop were probably more to my taste, but this album changed my way of thinking.”

Mishima Soundtrack—Philip Glass
“Marty [Friedman] and I got way into his arpeggios. They were kind of simple, yet very beautiful and hypnotic because of the chord changes.”

Highway 61 Revisited—Bob Dylan
“When I think about how I personally express myself with music, I harken back to Dylan, even if it is a classical piece I am working on…. ‘Ballad of a Thin Man’ was my definition of cool, along with the Fonz. I did a demo guitar cover of that song when I could still play a little.”

Visit TeamRock.com to see the other five albums and read Jason’s full comments on all the albums.