Here’s What It Sounds Like When Musical Genres Collide

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PHOTO: James Lee | Flickr Creative Commons (cropped)

Over the years, musicians have occasionally taken aspects of dissimilar musical genres and blended them together to create hybrid forms. One such example is jazz fusion, a genre created in the late Sixties by combining elements of jazz with styles such as rock, funk and Latin music. Rock music has also served as an all-around mixer for such musical cocktails as blues rock, funk rock and country rock.

Have you ever asked yourself why more of these musical fusions don’t exist? For example, what if you mixed indie pop and hair metal? Or Indian classical and reggae?

Guitar instructor Steve-san Onotera, the Samurai Guitarist, wondered what might happen if these and other combinations of disparate music styles were combined. In the video below, he demonstrates the results of his experiments.

Could one of these become the next big musical craze? Decide for yourself.

For more of Steve’s videos, visit his Samurai Guitarist YouTube channel.