Help Shani Kimelman Identify this Paul Gilbert Solo!

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 Photo by Guy First

Israeli guitarist Shani Kimelman — who now lives in Southern California — has been chalking up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, mostly due to her shred-tastic covers of works by guitar heroes such as Paul Gilbert, Eddie Van Halen, Greg Howe, and others.

But for her latest video, the Berklee College of Music graduate, encountered a bit of a problem. 

"I stumbled upon this awesome Paul Gilbert solo a long time ago, when a former teacher of mine emailed it to me under the name, 'Gilbert Blues,'" says Kimelman. "I searched for it everywhere and couldn't find it. Enlighten me if you know anything about it." 

Can any Guitar Player readers help her out by identifying this solo? 

Send your guesses to me at with the subject line "Shani," and I'll gift the first correct answer with a recent pedal that I've tested and reviewed for GP. I'll also alert Kimelman that one of our fabulous readers could "name that solo." 

By the way, Kimelman is a pretty awesome guitarist. Watch out for her!