Hear Van Halen's Vocal-Free “Can’t Get This Stuff No More” | AUDIO


Van Halen have made another one of their songs available sans vocals. This time it’s the 1996 track “Can’t Get This Stuff No More,” which saw the band reunite with original lead singer, David Lee Roth. It was the second song Roth recorded with Van Halen for the group’s 1996 compilation Best Of—Volume 1.

The Van Halen News Desk notes that producer Glen Ballard came up with the concept for this song, and that Roth brought several palm trees into the studio for inspiration while writing the lyrics.

“This song features the first-ever appearance of a Talk Box on a Van Halen record,” the News Desk notes. “It was run by guitar tech Matt Bruck because Edward’s mouth wasn’t big enough for the tube. The music for this track was originally recorded as ‘Backdoor Shuffle’ for the Balance album. The Best-Of’s version features brand new lyrics by Roth.”

Van Halen completed the recording of this song on August 3, 1996.

The group has also recently released vocal-free tracks for the Balance tracks “Not Enough” and “Big Fat Money,” although the latter was taken down over a copyright claim.