Hear George Harrison's Lost "Here Comes the Sun" Guitar Solo

Why did George Martin cut this solo from the track?
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PHOTO: GAB Archive | Getty Images

Forty-three years after "Here Comes the Sun" was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and some 10 years after his death, a George Harrison guitar solo that was cut from the final version of the song was revealed as the camera rolled.

In a video that appears to have first surfaced in January 2012, George Harrison's son, Dhani, can be seen at an Abbey Road mixing desk listening to the original master tape with Beatles producer George Martin and Martin's son, Giles.

The previously long-lost solo begins at the :50 mark. Giles is first to point it out. Dhani is clearly surprised to suddenly hear his dad's guitar and, it's hard to make out his exact words, but it sounds like even George Martin is taken aback as he says somewhat questioningly, "We never used it…I took out the solo."

Should the guitar solo have been used in the final cut? Take a look.