GP Recommends: New Releases from Barry Cleveland, Kiss, Mike Moreno, and more!

Lotus Mike Moreno
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Mike Moreno

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Even in this fairly easy-listening set from jazz guitarist Moreno, you can still get thrills from his supple melodic work, his precise runs, and his occasionally offkilter surprises. The warm, seductive tones Moreno gets from his Stephen Marchione semihollow are quite beguiling, as well. You can call Lotus a seminar on how to attract listener’s ears with subtle beauty, rather than brashness. World Culture. —MM

Paul Yandell: Second to the Best
Norm Van Maastricht

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The late Paul Yandell spent 25 years backing up “Mr. Guitar”— Chet Atkins—and that alone is reason for guitar fans to delve into this book. The format is a tad awkward at first with Yandell’s words breaking into Van Maastricht’s text with bold-face type, but you get used to it, and the depth of guitar lore within is well worth the effort. Schiffer. —MM

Kiss Rocks Vegas

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Why? This residency at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel seems to have delighted rabid fans, and that’s awesome. And yet, the band also seems a bit tired and far less formidable than the blissful onslaught of rock majesty we all heard on 1975’s Alive! Eagle Rock. —MM

Barry Cleveland/Richard Pinhas

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This cinematic collection of tone poems from former GP editor Barry Cleveland and Richard Pinhas evokes strange and alluring terrains of atmospheric imagery. It’s the perfect sonic partner for those days when you just want to look out a window at something beautiful. Cuneiform. —MM