Foo Fighters Return from a Year Off with Star-Studded Charity Show

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PHOTO: Jeff Kravitz | Getty Images

The Foo Fighters ended a nearly one-year hiatus from performing with a “secret” show in Los Angeles last Saturday, October 15.

The private concert featured Dave Grohl and his bandmates plus guest appearances from Sammy Hagar, Paul Stanley, Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, Lisa Loeb, Police drummer Stewart Copeland, Led Zeppelin drummer Jason Bonham, Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell and others. The show was staged for a couple hundred donors who gave to the Foo Fighters’ annual fundraiser for improvements at local schools.

Hagar wrote an enthusiastic post about the show on his blog on October 16, saying, “I sang one of the most up-tempo high energy versions of ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ ever. With Dave singing the chorus with me, sooo cool. Then a soulful duet with Dave on ‘Finish What Ya Started’ classic Van Halen.

“Then [Foo Fighters drummer’] Taylor Hawkins moved on to keyboards (this band is so versatile it's crazy) and Jason Bonham sat down on his drums and did an intense Led Zeppelin ‘Rock ’n’ Roll.’ WOW!!! The Foos were on fire. What a way to end the bash. I’m having more fun at this time in my life than ever - who would’ve thought?!? Now I really do want to live to be 100."

Hagar also tweeted a photo of the night’s set list. For more photos from the evening, visit his blog.

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Paul Stanley likewise shared a photo from the evening in a tweet. “Shakin' the walls & heavens with @foofighters & my bro Dave last night at a killer secret gig,” he wrote. “Got my choice ’59, 9-1255 and we go BOOM!”

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The Foo Fighters announced they were taking a break in late 2015 following their lengthy world tour. At the time, Grohl said he was “toast.” In March 2016, the band responded to rumors that they were breaking up with a humorous video that reassured fans they were merely in need of a little time off.

The entire setlist from the Foo Fighters’ October 15 show is below. We’ll provide more updates and videos as they become available. In the meantime, here’s the Foos performing Van Halen’s “Panama” with another Van Halen alumnus, David Lee Roth, on January 10, 2015 at the Los Angeles Forum.

Set List
1. Learn to Fly
2. My Hero
3. Stay (I Missed You) (Lisa Loeb cover) (with Lisa Loeb)
4. Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover) (with Lisa Loeb)
5. Times Like These
6. Bodies (Sex Pistols cover) (with Steve Jones)
7. Silly Thing (Sex Pistols cover) (with Steve Jones)
8. Stay With Me (Faces cover) (with Steve Jones)
9. All My Life
10. Excesses (Klark Kent cover) (with Stewart Copeland)
11. Message in a Bottle (The Police cover) (with Stewart Copeland)
12. Everlong
13. Monkey Wrench
14. I Can't Drive 55 (Sammy Hagar cover) (with Sammy Hagar)
15. Finish What Ya Started (Van Halen cover) (with Sammy Hagar)
16. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover) (with Sammy Hagar)
17. Miss You(The Rolling Stones cover) (with Jeff Probst)
18. Been Caught Stealing (Jane's Addiction cover) (with Perry Farrell)
19. Time Is on My Side (Kai Winding & His Orchestra cover) (with Perry Farrell)
20. Had a Dad (Jane's Addiction cover) (with Perry Farrell)
21. Best of You
22. Detroit Rock City (KISS cover) (with Paul Stanley)
23. Do You Love Me (KISS cover) (with Paul Stanley)
24. I Was Made for Lovin' You (KISS cover) (with Paul Stanley)

25. Whole Lotta Love / Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover) (with Paul Stanley)