Double Trouble Takes Double Bill - RRHoF Adds SRV's Band to His Nomination

After what some were calling a snub, SRV's Hall of Fame nomination now includes his band, Double Trouble.
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The big news when this year's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees were announced was that after six years of eligibility and six years of being snubbed, Stevie Ray Vaughan had finally been nominated.

The excitement (that's the word we're using for the collective "took you long enough") was short lived among SRV's most diehard fans.

That's because the nomination was only for Stevie and didn't include his band, Double Trouble.

One of his most outspoken fans, or at least one with a far reaching pulpit, was Kenny Wayne Shepherd, who posted this to his FB page last week:

I've noticed everyone campaigning the vote to induct Stevie Ray Vaughan in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame. I most definitely agree that SRV should be inducted, but I think it would be tragic to not include Double Trouble right along with him. In my opinion the vote should be for SRV AND DOUBLE TROUBLE to be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, not just SRV alone and the unfortunate reality is that if the name Double Trouble is not included in the vote they will not be inducted along with Stevie. I don't want to speak for SRV but I believe if he was alive to accept such an honor, he would want his band mates to be right up there with him as well.

The post was met with thousands of responses and shares in support of the sentiment. While most people agreed with him, it wasn't clear what or if anything could be done about it, but he was probably right; for Double Trouble an induction would have to be now with Stevie or would likely never happen.

Yesterday, a week after the original post, KWS followed-up with this:

"I'm extremely pleased to let you all know that the Rock n Roll Hall of fame has changed the nomination for Stevie Ray Vaughan to include Double Trouble as well! Way to go RRHF! Everyone please join me in voting to induct SRV and DT into the RRHF by clicking this link and voting!!! Vote & Share!"

A quick click on the fan voting link confirmed that he was right. Double Trouble has been added to the nomination with this single line added to the bio: "Taking their name from an Otis Rush song, Double Trouble accompanied Vaughan on his debut Texas Flood through his final album, In Step, injecting each with a Texas-blues swagger that influenced countless artists in its wake."

What isn't clear is how it happened. There isn't a post or announcement about it on SRV's page, or on his brother, Jimmie's page, or on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's page or their website. It just quietly happened.

The only person who seemed to know about it (that we could find) was Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Whether you give much credibility to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or not, it's pretty easy to agree with Kenny that "if he was alive to accept such an honor, he would want his band mates to be right up there with him as well."

You know he would.

You can read the updated nomination bio here.

And vote here.