Donovan Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of 'Sunshine Superman'

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Donovan has reason to celebrate and so do we...

The iconic singer/songwriter stopped in at San Francisco's Regency Ballroom on October 12, 2016, for his intimate 50th Anniversary of Sunshine Superman tour.

Released in 1966, Sunshine Superman has been lauded as one of the first psychedelic records, as well as an example of integrating world music into pop-radio tunes long before it became common practice. In addition, Donovan has been admired by guitar players and songwriters for decades, thanks to his cagey acoustic riffs, buoyant grooves, and vibe galore. To get more of the story, click here.

At the Regency, Donovan — armed with his stunning-sounding, Danny Farrington-crafted “Kelly”guitar, a vintage Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus amp, and a voice that cannot be duplicated (check out the video below to see how he emulates a Leslie speaker with just his vocal cords) — weaved songs and stories together to create a magical view of the 1960s musical world.

The grand storyteller took the audience into the studio with producer/hitmaker Mickie Most, into his living room while writing a song when Paul McCartney rings the doorbell, offering a lyric to the Beatles for "Yellow Submarine" ("Sky of blue/Sea of green"), his eternal love for "sunshine supergirl" Linda Lawrence, and more. The man was so engaging that the audience often didn't know if it wanted another story or another song! 

As his proud papa once told him, "A lot of people do what you do—play guitar and sing—but when you get up there, it becomes something special."

And that’s what Donovan is still doing—bringing us something special.

"Hurdy Gurdy Man" 

The Full Set List

Catch the Wind

The Alamo



The Little Tin Soldier


Jennifer Juniper

Dona Dona (also known as Donna Donna)

First There Is a Mountain

Universal Soldier

Wear Your Love Like Heaven

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Young Girl Blues (with special guest, Louise Goffin)

The Fat Angel


Try For the Sun

Sunshine Superman

Mellow Yellow