Don Felder Reveals the Story Behind "Hotel California" | VIDEO

Watch Don Felder and Joe Walsh burn through the Eagles' "Hotel California."

The Eagles' 1976 song "Hotel California" makes just about every list of top guitar solos. In the video below, former Eagle Don Felder explains the inspiration behind the song, which he co-wrote with Don Henley and Glenn Frey.

The interview was presented by The Jeff Probst Show. Felder starts by talking about his early guitar influences and the Eagles' working relationship before Probst asks him about the inspiration behind "Hotel California" at the 3:55 mark.

In the set-up, Probst mentions that Henley and Frey have told how they turned Felder's rough demo into a finished song. He then invites Felder's wife, who's in the audience, to share a story about the original demo, which she heard while Felder was writing the song.

Probst then hands things over to Felder, who explains how he wrote the song at a beach house and recorded the song on his tape deck, eventually finishing up the demo before presenting it to his band mates. He concludes the interview by performing the song on acoustic guitar. 

We've also included an excellent classic live performance of "Hotel California" from a 1977 Eagles show at the Capitol Centre. The performance features Felder on his Gibson EDS-1275 double neck, and you can get some great views of him and guitarist Joe Walsh performing the guitar harmonies on the song's coda.