Denny Jiosa Premieres New “Freedom Tower” Video

The acclaimed guitarist offers up some terrific licks in this deeply personal new tune.
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Denny Jiosa’s highly distinctive, emotive and lyrical guitar soloing is on full display throughout the just-released lyric video to his song “Freedom Tower.” Throughout the four-minute track, there’s barely a second not covered by the four-time Grammy nominee’s elegant yet stinging licks. 

As it turns out, the backstory of the song is also compelling: Jiosa and his keyboardist, Kenny Zarider, wrote the track as a way of bringing attention to the historic Miami structure, which was designated a U.S. Historical Landmark in 2008 for its role in hosting services for processing Cubans fleeing to Florida during the 1960s till 1972.

What they didn’t know was that singer John Santos himself passed through the Freedom Tower as a kid. 

“Kenny and I had no idea,” Jiosa explains. “We brought the song to John to sing, and during a break in the session, he said, ‘You know, I went through there myself, when I was just five years old.’ We were quite surprised—stunned, really. We knew that John was the perfect singer for the song because of his talents, but after he told us of his experience, we realize that he was the only person who should sing it.”

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