David Gilmour Previews New Album Track ’5 A.M.’ and Unboxing Video


With his new solo album, Rattle That Lock, coming out September 18, David Gilmour has given us a sneak preview of “5 A.M.,” the second single from the album, along with an unboxing video of the new release. You can see both below.

Based on the short clip for “5 A.M.,” the moody, minor-key song seems to feature plenty of Gilmour’s bluesy and emotive lead work on a Fender Stratocaster.

The unboxing video shows the contents of the different formats in which Rattle That Lock will be available. The vinyl set includes a 16-page lyric book with photographs by Gilmour’s wife and collaborator, Polly Samson, and Kevin Westenberg. The two-disc Deluxe edition contains two hardcover books: a 32-page expansion of the one from the vinyl edition and a copy of John Milton’s Paradise Lost (Book II)—the inspiration for “Rattle That Lock”—a poster, a postcard, a guitar pick and a DVD with videos and documentaries.

The music in the video is the album’s title cut, the video of which can be seen here.

Rattle That Lock is Gilmour’s first record since 2006’s On an Island. He’s currently scheduled to tour the album in Europe in September, followed by dates in North America in March and April 2016. The album track listing and tour information is below the videos.

Rattle That Lock Track Listing
“5 A.M.”
“Rattle That Lock”
“Faces of Stones”
“A Boat Lies Waiting”
“Dancing Right in Front of Me”
“In Any Tongue”
“The Girl in the Yellow Dress”

“And Then …”

David Gilmour 2015-16 Tour Dates
9/12 Pula, Croatia
9/14 Verona, Italy
9/15 Florence, Italy
9/17 Orange, France
9/19 Oberhausen, Germany
9/23–25 London
3/24–25 Los Angeles
3/31–4/1 Toronto, Canada
4/4, 4/8 Chicago
4/11–12 New York