Dave Mustaine Plays “Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?” Here’s What We Learned | VIDEO

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PHOTO: Scott Legato | Getty Images

Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine sat down with Loudwire for a new installment in the site’s Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? series, which gives artists a chance to clarify what’s right and what’s wrong on their Wikipedia pages. Mustaine’s session was so good that Loudwire had to break it up into two parts.

It’s easy to see why. In this first segment, Mustaine provides some deep details about various incidents described on his page. He talks at length about his childhood and his years spent as a Jehovah’s Witness, though he clarifies that, contrary to his page, he was not “brought up” as a Witness. He also talks about how those years set him up to dislike organized religion and subsequently explore the occult.

One of the key moments that he discusses is the tragic death of the drummer of his first group, Panic, and the group’s sound man, and how he found the strength to move on from the tragedy.

His also dispels the oft-told rumor about his giving bassist Ron McGovney a near-fatal shock by pouring a beer on his instrument, and he tells how he joined Metallica and eventually began his longtime partnership with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. As it happens, there are some discrepancies in WIkipedia’s descriptions.

What we want to know is, who’s going to make all these corrections on Dave’s page?