Dave Grohl Makes His Foo Fighters Return on a Massive Throne of Guitars | VIDEO


Dave Grohl marked his return to the stage on July 4 in true rock style: seated on a massive throne made of guitars.

The Foo Fighters guitarist wore a purple cast on his right leg from the toes to below the knee, the result of an injury he sustained when he fell off the stage on June 12 during a show in Gothenburg, Sweden. The group has been sidelined since then and was forced to cancel its headlining spot at Glastonbury 2015.

Foo Fighters’ July 4 return at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Washington, D.C., turned out to be a triple celebration: in addition to marking the U.S. Fourth of July holiday and Grohl’s return to the stage, the show celebrated the 20th anniversary of the self-titled Foo Fighters debut, released on July 4, 1995 (and, we should note, a Grohl solo endeavor).

Grohl remained seated for the entire July 4 performance, but that didn’t stop him from giving an especially animated performance as he stomped along to the songs with his good leg. The set list included Foo Fighters hits like “Everlong,” “Learn to Fly” and “Monkey Wrench” (the song they were playing in Gothenburg when Grohl took his stage tumble) as well as a cover of the Queen/David Bowie hit “Under Pressure.” Grohl’s mother even took part, joining the band for a performance of “For All the Cows,” from the Foo Fighters debut.

One highlight of the show included Grohl telling the audience an extended story about how he broke his leg, during which he replayed a video of the accident and projected an X-ray of his broken leg (as can be seen in the photo above).

We’ve assembled a few videos from the show for your viewing pleasure, including Dave telling how he broke his leg. For details on the group’s tour dates, visit FooFighters.com.