Dave Grohl Breaks Leg During Foo Fighters' Sweden Concert, Finishes Show | VIDEO

Dave Grohl digs deep and continues the show with a broken leg.

While playing in Gothenburg, Sweden Friday night, Foo Fighters' frontman Dave Grohl was nearing the end of their second song "Monkey Wrench" when he tripped, fell off the stage and broke his leg.

“I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play guitar and scream,” proclaimed Grohl.

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Talking from the stretcher, Grohl vows to return to the stage:

While Grohl was taken to have his leg set, the band played covers with drummer Taylor Hawkins on vocals. Grohl valiantly returned to the stage on crutches and continued the rest of the show while sitting. "I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play guitar and scream," Grohl announced.

Later the band tweeted Grohl's xray photo with the message: "Thank you Gothenburg. That was amazing."

Just last month, U2's The Edge also fell off the stage, though he walked away with just scrapes on his arm.

The extent of Grohl's injuries are still being determined and it appears they will have to cancel the next two shows. Keep an eye on Foo Fighter's tour dates for more news and announcements.

Get well soon, Dave!