Danny Gatton Plays Slide with a Full Bottle of Beer—and a Towel | VIDEO

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The late Danny Gatton went by several nicknames, including “the Telemaster” and “the world’s greatest unknown guitarist.”

But undoubtedly the one best suited to the versatile guitarist was “the Humbler.” Gatton’s remarkable talent—which drew from jazz, blues and rockabilly—could make even the best player feel in need of a good woodshedding session. No less a virtuoso than Steve Vai said Gatton “comes closer than anyone else to being the best guitar player that ever lived.”

Anyone who doubts Gatton’s legend should be convinced by the pair of videos we have here. The first one is from his 1991 Austin City Limits appearances. In it, Gatton pulls out a bottle of beer, takes a swig and proceeds to use the bottle as a slide. It’s a show-stopping move and could be nothing more than a stunt except for the fact that Gatton’s playing is incredibly musical .

He then takes it to the next level. When a little beer spills on his Tele, Gatton pulls out a towel and proceeds to wipe down the neck—while still playing!

When you’re finished watching that video, check out the one below it, in which Gatton plays slide with two—yes, two—bottles of beer.

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