Brad Paisley Plays “Crushin’ It” at the Grand Ole Opry | VIDEO


When he was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry on February 17, 2001, Brad Paisley was 28 years old and the youngest new inductee in the radio show’s history. (Though he was wearing probably the oldest piece of clothing in the hall—the yellow jacket Buck Owens wore when he recorded his 1966 Live at Carnegie Hall album.)

Paisley recently returned to the Opry, where he sang “Crushin’ It,” the third single from his latest album, Moonshine in the Trunk. Sporting a red Tele, Paisley led his band through a truly inspired version of the song, trading licks with fiddle player Justin Williamson and pedal steel guitarist Randle Currie before taking over for an extended solo. Watch the video below. Positively crushin’.