Bob Weir’s Story Comes to Netflix Today in ‘The Other One’ | VIDEO

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Jerry Garcia was always been the most charismatic member of the Grateful Dead, and his sway over fans continued even in death.

But Bob Weir, Garcia’s co-guitarist in the band, was by his side throughout the band’s existence, starting from the age of 16. He was there, and he saw it all.

Now Weir’s story is being told in The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir. The film comes to Netflix today, and the official trailer for it can be seen below.

In the film, Weir recounts his life and time with the Dead, tracing his story from childhood to meeting Garcia and the band’s rise to fame. Weir provides commentary throughout and is joined by his bandmates, musical collaborators and friends.

Weir talks about the band’s early days and the emergence of their following, as the Dead played to an ever-growing audience of fans—though perhaps no words can quite explain the phenomenon. As Weir notes in the film, “You just had to see it to…see it.”

And, of course, he speaks about his deep relationship with Jerry Garcia, a bond that went well beyond their music. “They say blood is thicker than water,” Weir notes. “What we had was thicker than blood.”

Watch the trailer below, and check out the film today on Netflix.