Best Wah Solos! Guitar Player Presents Our Readers’ Picks | VIDEO

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As many of you know, each month we at Guitar Player present our Facebook followers with a “Facebook Jury” poll on a guitar-related subject or theme. We then choose 12 of the answers and print them in the next issue of our magazine.

When we asked our readers to choose their “Favorite Solo Where the Guitarist Predominantly Used a Wah Pedal,” we were thrilled by the number of replies we received and by the broad range of answers. In fact, we were so happy with your responses that we thought it would be fun to pick 25 of them to post here.

In addition to presenting a video for each entry, we’ve also posted the names of the readers who chose the entries. If you don’t see your song choice listed here, please don’t feel left out. We chose this list randomly, with one criterion: that a performer not appear on the list twice.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

“Angel #9”—Mick Ronson
Play Don’t Worry

Voted for by: Ric Ellingson, Steve Murano, Sakshat Tiwari, Chris Kennedy, Charlie Sanders

“Too Rolling Stoned”—Robin Trower
Bridge of Sighs

Voted for by: Marco Corona, Marty Priller, Steve Dalzell, Tim McKenzie, David Partlow, Richard Nighswonger

“See the Light”—Jeff Healey Band
See the Light

Voted for by: Allan Watkins,

“Rock Bottom”—UFO (Michael Schenker)
Strangers in the Night

Voted for by: Kifeh Runningdark

“Cocaine”—Eric Clapton
Just One Night

Voted for by: Wes Wahlig, Andre L Meirelles


“25 or 6 to 4”—Chicago (Terry Kath)
Chicago II

Voted for by: Bob Pieciuk, Tanee Pimratna, Willie Nixon, Michael Porter, Mike J. Mcdonnell, Mose Stocks, Paul Booth Johnson, Πέτρος Κουκουβίνος, Peter Martin, Bob Leach, Danny Barcus, Tito Chris

“Rain When I Die”—Alice in Chains (Jerry Cantrell)

Voted for by: Sal Rodriguez, Jacob Dockery, Matt Pogue,

“Civil War”—Guns N’ Roses (Slash)
Use Your Illusion II

Voted for by: Ameen Singh, David Hanbury

“Hush Now”—Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight
Voted for by: Ben Gardner

“Say What!”—Stevie Ray Vaughan
Soul to Soul

Voted for by: Don Elbreg, David Colizzo


“Blinded by the Light”—Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (Dave Flett)
The Roaring Silence

Voted for by: Ricky Spencer

“Heard It on the X”—ZZ Top (Billy Gibbons)

Voted for by: Greg Brown

“Bad Horsie”—Steve Vai
Alien Love Secrets

Voted for by: Charles Taylor, Jason Hardek, Jay Broomell

“Wah-Wah”—George Harrison
All Things Must Pass

Voted for by: John Tufts, Stephen Muir

“Golden Country”—REO Speedwagon (Gary Richrath)

Voted for by: Lance Summey, Darin Scott


“We Used to Know”—Jethro Tull (Martin Barre)
Stand Up

Voted for by: Luis Heck Castro, Jan Christoffersen, Jan-Erik Back

“Maggot Brain”—Funkadelic (Eddie Hazel)
Maggot Brain

Voted for by: Matt Montedoro, Scott Spike Lindberg, Matt Hollenberg, Peter Cline

“Inca Roads”—Frank Zappa
One Size Fits All

Voted for by: Kevin Elias Kensinger

“Wherever I May Roam”—Metallica (Kirk Hammett)

Voted for by: Joe Smith

“Great King Rat”—Queen (Brian May)

Voted for by: Timothy Mallon


“Strut It” —Ritchie Kotzen
Ritchie Kotzen

Voted for by: Stephen Swender

“Custard Pie”—Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page)
Physical Graffiti

Voted for by: Jim Scura

“Uncle John”—Bugs Henderson & the Shuffle Kings
Have Blues…Must Rock

Voted for by: David Z. Hancock

“Sinner”—Judas Priest (K.K. Downing)
Sin After Sin
Voted for by: Paul Church

“Rock ’n’ Roll”—Lou Reed (Steve Hunter or Dick Wagner)
Rock n Roll Animal

Voted for by: Michael Dzemyan